accompanied by her cocker spaniel, she is refused entry to the polling station

It’s 7 p.m. and Caroline Daigueperse hastens to go and vote at the Jules-Ferry school, with Nouchka, her faithful cocker spaniel. “My dog ​​is used to accompanying me and rushes into the yard, me running behind. She comes running into my polling station, room no. 3, one meter in front of me” when a voice calls the mistress to order, “very energetically”. “Dogs are not allowed. »

Tolerance or not

“It’s a school, you don’t have the right”, we still object. “As a matter of principle”, Caroline Daigueperse refuses to leave her dog in the car, especially since it is then “29°C”. An assessor offers her to keep her “outside”, but she declines, thinking she understands that it is in the street that Nouchka would be taken back.

“There was only me, my dog, and the office team… I dropped off my ballots and left,” she laments, affected to have renounced her electoral duty: “C It’s the first time I haven’t voted since I was 18. “Information taken from the prefecture, “the electoral code does not clearly say whether animals are prohibited or not”. If access to the polling station “is reserved for its members and registered voters”, “children are also tolerated on condition that they do not disturb the smooth running of the ballot”. In addition, according to the law, any voter “accompanied by a guide or assistance dog” has access to the polling station. “The choice of whether or not to tolerate dogs therefore rests with the president of the polling station”.

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