Algeria: Belmadi, a lunar exit that does not pass

Still (very) reassembled against Bakary Gassama, Gambian referee who officiated during the second leg for the World Cup between Cameroon and Algeria (1-2 ap), Djamel Belmadi split from a lunar exit, which provoked strong reactions.


Djamel Belmadi’s remarks triggered a lively controversy.

We will never again let two or three people conspire against our country, never again will a referee harm our country. (…) I’m not saying he should be killed, but he shouldn’t be left alone.

This absolutely lunar outing signed Djamel Belmadi, coach of Algeria, is intended for Bakary Gassama, Gambian referee on duty the evening when Algeria said goodbye to the World Cup against Cameroon (1-0, 1-2 ap) , from the dams.

Eto’o and Cameroon quickly reacted

In a quickly drawn press release, the Cameroonian Federation reacted through its president Samuel Eto’o, who said reserve the right to bring the matter before the FIFA Ethics Committee. Fcafoot contests these defamatory allegations instilled in an allusive manner and repeatedly formulated by the Algerian leaderscontinued the former striker, recalling in passing that the glorious uncertainty of our sport can hold results that are difficult to accept.

On the set of Canal +, the former French international referee Tony Chapron had much stronger words to defend his ex-colleague Gassama, and especially to attack Belmadi. It is an insult. What he says is very serious. I think he should be suspended for quite a while. We are clearly facing a call for violence. I am appalled by such remarks. If the Algerians don’t go to the World Cup, they can only blame themselvesestimated the one who retired (strength) in 2018.

Chapron calls Belmadi mediocre

When you score in the 118th minute in a play-off and end up losing, ask yourself questions. It is they who are responsible for their elimination, and not the referee, added the consultant of the encrypted channel, very upset. I find it outrageous. As I often say: ‘Champions find solutions, mediocre people find excuses’, and Belmadi is a mediocre person. muscular output, equally muscular response.

Less offensive than Chapron, the former Cameroonian international Patrick Mboma preferred to play the defensive concerning the Gambian whistle. Mr. Gassama is one of the best whistles on the continent, he had for example refereed the semi-final between Algeria and Nigeria (2-1), during the CAN won by the Algerians, and they had not complained of him, astutely recalled the ex-striker. Afterwards, he has the right to make mistakes, we see them in the Champions League, we see them in the Euro… everywhere. A month later, this controversial match is still making a lot of noise…

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