Reducing biofuel production to feed the world?

The Russian-Ukrainian war, coupled with particularly harsh weather conditions in several regions of the globe, put the subject of food security at the forefront and raised the question of biofuels: should their production be reduced and agricultural land reserved? to food? The answer is more complex than it seems. Superethanol-E85, which contains 60% to 85% … Read more

towards a major crisis this summer?

War in Ukraine, heat waves, Covid, the cocktail is set up to witness a global crisis ( — “All that’s missing is a heat wave in Europe and the cocktail would be complete to witness a historic global food crisis”… This remark from a commodity trader fuels the discussions on likely food shortages looming on … Read more

“CDI at €2,400 net per month plus accommodation”: the outbidding of restaurants to find seasonal workers

Some tourism professionals will have to operate in degraded mode. In La Grande-Motte (Hérault), a restaurant used social networks to give itself a better chance of recruiting. The labor shortage remains the big black spot of the coming season. In La Grande-Motte, we had to use great means to find a pizza maker. With a … Read more

This Puy-de-Dôme hotelier forced to close his restaurant, for lack of arms

Hotels without a restaurant, the formula is no longer really surprising. Delphine, who manages the Le Marius hotel in Aydat, helps out at the nearby restaurant of her boyfriend, Jérôme. A gymnastics that the couple improvised for lack of arms. “We are suffering. We are missing six people in the kitchen and in the restaurant. … Read more