Cats and dogs jostle at the doors of the SPA, the refuge of Bagnols is saturated

Before arriving in a summer period when abandonment is at its highest, the shelter is very worried for the next few weeks.

If summer is each year the period when the abandonment of animals is the strongest, the refuge of the SPA (society for the protection of animals) of Vallérargues is very worried for the next few weeks. Its manager Jean Dénoua speaks of a refuge already “saturated for both dogs and cats”.

In question, a 10% drop in adoptions, linked to a drop in the purchasing power of the French, a complicated economic situation or even a return to work after teleworking. This leaves less time to take care of an animal. So many reasons that push not to adopt but also to give up.

No free places

Jean Dénoua observes an increase in requests for abandonment with the SPA, at the local level as well as at the national level. “We have around fifty dogs at the shelter but also 35 pending abandonment requests that we cannot accept at the moment”. Same observation for cats and especially adult cats who do not always find takers.

The situation is critical before the summer, a period when “Usually we always have free places, today no and that worries us a lot”. To deal with this, the SPA had organized open doors on May 21 and 22, the first since the Covid. But again, many visitors for few adoptions.

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