Cloud Computing: Google Scores Again!

Cloud Computing: Market Share, According to Synergy Research Group.

The cloud computing war seems to be at its height in Switzerland. Google is now challenging Amazon and Microsoft, the world leaders. After announcing a partnership with Swiss, it collaborates with Radicant, active in financial services. Interesting in more ways than one.

Radicant defines itself as the leading provider of sustainable, digital and collaborative financial services aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. An assertion to be qualified, however, on reading these UN texts… Indeed, to what extent is this avalanche of services in the cloud sustainable?

Safety first

According to a press release, Radicant becomes the first bank in Switzerland mainly built
on the Google Cloud. The company believes that this collaboration with the world’s leading search engine is an important step and would reflect its pioneering spirit. A little excessive, since many actors already use this kind of service…

“As a data-driven company, Radicant was looking for a vendor who could offer the technology, knowledge, security, data protection and resources to make such a visionary project a success. reality,” he wrote in a press release. Interesting to see that Google associated with security, an area where it excels.

Far from the time of certainties…

The banker also highlights the location in Switzerland of the Google cloud. However, he specifies that he will be able to benefit from the international know-how and proven technology of Google. It intends to implement the highest standards in terms of latency, security and data privacy for customers in Switzerland.

My comment? Gone are the days when one of the pundits from Google’s legal department told me that locating data was a concept from another era… And even if Google communicates a lot, it will have to work hard to catch up with Amazon’s AWS or Azure from Microsoft. Maybe because he thought he knew everything at one time…

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