FC Barcelona – Mercato: Dani Alves could find the Blaugrana in La Liga next season!

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Despite six very good months, Daniel Alves was not retained by FC Barcelona. In full reconstruction, the Blaugrana did not want to continue with the 39-year-old right side. He announced the news on social media. But, let it be said, the Brazilian is not done with the very high level. He is keen to arrive fit in Qatar at the end of the year for the Cup of the Year. And for that, he needs a club playing in a major league.

His agent therefore offered his services to Real Mallorca. The leaders of the latter are studying this offer, knowing that they already have two right-backs in their workforce, Pablo Maffeo and Gio Gonzalez. But the first is in the sights of Atlético Madrid. If he were to be sold, the Alves option would take hold on the Mallorca side.

to summarize

Not kept by FC Barcelona, ​​​​Daniel Alves was offered to Mallorca by his agent. At 39, the right side still wants to play at the highest level for at least one season, just to arrive in top form at the World Cup in Qatar.

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