FC Nantes – Mercato: Kombouaré said no to an experienced player at 1.5 M €!

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This summer, Ludovic Blas should fly away under other skies. FC Nantes therefore set out to find a new attacking midfielder. He had found a rather good one, but downright underrated, in Montpellier in the person of Florent Mollet. But the 30-year-old former Messin has just signed with Schalke 04, which is returning to the Bundesliga this year after a season in purgatory.

According to insider Mohamed Toubache-Ter, the transfer would be around €700,000, €1.5 million in total with bonuses. And according to former RMC journalist David Phelippeau, the Yellow House followed Florent Mollet for a time, but it was Antoine Kombouaré who would have vetoed this transfer. Why ? It is not specified. Admittedly, Mollet does not have the same qualities as Blas at all, but he has proven himself in L1, whether in Metz or Montpellier.

to summarize

Montpellier attacking midfielder Florent Mollet has been transferred to Schalke 04 for €1.5m. FC Nantes had come to the news but Antoine Kombouaré was not keen on recruiting the former Messin, who could however succeed Ludovic Blas.

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