Ferns: what happens at the animal pound?

For several weeks, the Sermandière animal pound in Fougères has not been working. Everything should be back to normal after the work to bring it up to electrical standards. ©The Republican Chronicle

Closed metal gate. Not a bark in sight. Nor a meow.

No doubt, Ferns animal poundlocated Sermandière area, between the treatment plant and the Sotrav, is closed. Inactive to say the least.

“Everyone passed the ball”

A silence which Laura encountered. At the end of May, this Fougeraise found a rickety cat on her doorstep. She fed him, hydrated him, but, already busy with a dog and two tomcats, she couldn’t keep him.

When she wanted to know the steps for taking charge, she “had a hard time”: “I spent a whole day there. It was the cross and the banner. Everyone was passing the ball around. »

A problem that has been going on for several weeks. Since the pound changed managers… The new service provider has not been able to start its mission due to work to bring it up to electrical standards on the site. But “everything should be back to normal shortly”, reassures Fougères agglomeration.

Competent in terms of the pound and the organization of the collection of stray domestic animals, it delegates the management.

At the start of the year, the community held a public consultation. Won in April by the Sacpa group. French leader in animal management in inhabited areas serving communities, businesses and individuals, it is based in Betton, near Rennes.

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On hold 8 days

The time limits for impound custody are eight clear working days. At the end of this period, if the animal is considered adoptable by the veterinarian, it is offered free of charge, identified and vaccinated to an animal protection association. Owners can also collect their animals after paying a minimum flat rate of €94. The non-recovery of the animal by its owner constitutes abandonment punishable by article 521-1 of the Penal Code: the offender is liable to a fine of €30,000 and 2 years’ imprisonment.

“It puts us in the red”

The association The Animal Friends Refuge in Romagnéwho had been in charge until then, found herself out of the game.

“We lost the market. We had made the same proposals as during the previous consultations, but a commercial company was less expensive than us and won”

Claire Fagnen, the president of the Refuge.

If she does “not want to argue”, she admits to having taken “a blow of bamboo behind the head”: “It puts us in the red. From now on, we no longer have any money coming in related to pound costs and pound services for the 33 municipalities of the agglomeration. »

Another concern for the association: it has to deal with misunderstanding: “Many people do not see the difference between a shelter and a pound. Others don’t understand why we don’t do the pound. As a result of the races, we are regularly reprimanded. »

Renovated for €350,000 in 2018

In 2018, the elected officials, Jean-Louis Lagrée, Bernard Marboeuf and Michel Balluais, visited the pound catteries.
In 2018, the elected officials, Jean-Louis Lagrée, Bernard Marboeuf and Michel Balluais, visited the pound catteries. (©The Republican Chronicle)

The animal pound of Fougères agglomeration is almost new. In 2018, the community had renovated the equipment where the animals are temporarily housed (read box) for €350,000.

On 1,800 m2, it includes 10 boxes for cats and 12 boxes for dogs, reception and care areas, technical and administrative rooms, and parking. It also has two separate grassy courtyards (355 m2 and 6,261 m2) where animals can be let loose.

When the Sacpa starts its activity, the pound will be open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Saturday by appointment.

“Sacpa group services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the request of municipal services or law enforcement”

Clump ferns

Fougères agglo reminds that “if an individual spots a wandering animal, he must notify his town hall. »

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