find out the crazy things his human has to do for him

This French Bulldog is a real diva

Henry has picked up little habits that he doesn’t want to change.

Henry is a French Bulldog who loves to drink bottled water. Impossible for Lizzi Pallister, his owner, to give him tap water.

12 bottle of water per week

As the 29-year-old explains, her dog insists she open the bottle in front of him.

The Metro UK site says that Lizzi spends around fifty euros a month to buy mineral water packs for her pet. Her pooch drinks two packs of 12-bottle water each week.

Asked about her dog’s behavior, Lizzi explains that her dog is a real diva: “I’ve never met a dog like Henry before. He must be the center of attention”.

Henry doesn’t want to climb the stairs

“Every morning when I put the tap water on the floor, he nudges it with his elbow and then sits down looking at me like a nice try – where’s my water bottle? “.

Henry’s demands don’t stop there. Besides mineral water, Henry refuses to climb stairs and sleep alone.

“I bought him a dog bed and he refused to sleep on the dog bed, he will go to bed when I go. »

“He got grumpy the other night because I didn’t want to let him up. »

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