Florentino Pérez publicly settles his accounts with Kylian Mbappé!

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Since Kylian Mbappé extended with PSG, many supporters and even merengue journalists have expressed their frustration, even their rage, vis-à-vis the Parisian star. Florentino Pérez, on the other hand, had not yet spoken, publicly at least, about this failure. He did it on the night of Wednesday to Thursday on the show El Chiringuito de Jugones on Spanish television. And he did not hesitate to tackle the Frenchman, explaining in passing that he did not appreciate the intervention of Emmanuel Macron in this file.

“His dream was to play for Real Madrid, we wanted to do that last August but they wouldn’t let him go. He kept saying he wanted to play for Real Madrid, and a fortnight before that the situation changed. On the one hand because of political pressure and on the other because of financial pressure. He felt a blockage and he bet on what was easiest to unblock all that. We, they told us that he had changed. And there’s no point in fussing over it. He did not want to attend an act of sponsorship with his selection, I was shocked, football is a team sport, no one can be different. And a series of things too, that we had offered him to be the leader of the club’s management… We said to ourselves “that’s not the Mbappé we wanted to recruit, it’s a another man, he had to change his dream”. He is very young, the pressure affects us all, the President of the Republic called him, inevitably it affects a young person. Even if it doesn’t make sense for the French president to call him, because there are other clubs there, the president must want him to flourish, but he can also do it in another club . Zidane came to Madrid, Benzema is a great player too. I don’t know why these things happen”launched the Madrid boss.

“This Mbappé is not my Mbappé”

” He changed his mind. Things were offered to him, he was pressured and he became another player. There is no one above the club at Real Madrid. He’s a great player, he can win more than others, but it’s a team sport and we have values ​​and principles that we can’t change. I appreciate him, he made an effort, and the pressure made him change his mind. I think his mother wanted him to go to Real because it had been his dream since childhood, I was told she was sad. […] The Mbappé who was to come is not this Mbappé. If that’s why, I prefer that he stays in Paris. I want the one who dreamed of Real. This Mbappé is not my Mbappé who does not want to make a publicity event with his selection. That’s not what I want”added Florentino Pérez.

Then he concluded on the moment when Mbappé let it be known that he would not come: “He sends me a message, I answer him. I saw that it was no longer the Mbappé I wanted. We are not going to make any concessions that could endanger our collective. It’s not easy for the president to call you, the mayor of Paris… And that’s in France. Afterwards in Qatar, you are offered things that drive you a little crazy, an influence on the sporting aspect that is completely disproportionate for a player…”. As you will have understood, Pérez has it bad for three big reasons: the attitude of Kylian Mbappé, the political and financial pressures, as well as the full powers granted to the player to make decisions on the side of Paris …

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