French media pinned for the use of Google Analytics, 42 complaints filed with the CNIL

Last February, the CNIL explained that transfers to the United States of data collected by Google Analytics were, as it stands, illegal.

Is it possible to configure the Google Analytics tool so as not to transfer personal data outside the European Union? asks the CNIL in a frequently asked question. The answer is clear: Nope “.

Developer David Libeau decided to look into the French press and, unsurprisingly, the “ result is disastrous ” : on “ about fifty French media sites, almost all of them still embed Google Analytics “.

Bad students are everywhere […] I only managed to find one medium that does not exfiltrate personal data with a tool like Google Analytics or similar: the Next INpact information site “.

Following this analysis, he announces that he has filed 42 complaints with the CNIL.


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