G7 immobilizes the brand’s vehicles from its fleet

It was an extremely rare accident that took place on Saturday December 11 in Paris, since it involved an electric car brand You’re here. The taxi driver who is at the origin of the tragedy which caused several serious injuries, affirmed that he then encountered a technical problem and lost control of his vehicle. The G7 company to which the driver belongs, has decided for the moment to stop all identical vehicles.

It’s about a precautionary measure pending the progress of the investigation. The taxi company has decided to suspend its drivers equipped with the model similar to the vehicle involved in this accidentwhich injured a dozen people, three of them seriously.

For its part, the company of Elon Musk, Tesla, assured that the analysis of the data of the car did not reveal no failure. However, while in police custody, the driver told investigators that he had made a mad dash. His electric car would have suddenly accelerated for no reason.

Out of control, the driver then hit a cyclist, a vehicle, mowed down two pedestrians entering a pedestrian crossing, before ending his way in a glass recovery container which exploded. The driver assures him, at no time, the brake pedal of his Tesla would not have worked.

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