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Google will modify its “About this result” system which provides data on the source of information identified on the Web, with extracts of web content which speaks of the person or the company, etc. A double-edged e-reputation tool…

A year ago almost to the day, Google launched the “About this result” function, offering certain information for each natural link in the SERP, for queries in English only, on the other hand. In one year, this possibility has been used 1.6 billion times, according to Google and languages ​​other than English (without specifying which ones) will be available this year, according to the Mountain View firm.

Recently, Google communicated on an upcoming extension of this function: “ Soon, when you visit a webpage in the Google app, a tab with source information will appear with a tap, with a brief description, what the company says about it, and what it’s about. other Internet users say about her on the Web. Imagine you’re researching conservation efforts and ending up on the website of a rainforest organization you don’t know about. Before deciding to donate, you would like to know if this is an organization that you are sure you can support. With this update, you will be able to find useful background information on this source. »

This feature will be offered for any website (even outside the SERPs) and soon on the Google app on iOS and Android. No more precise date or additional information for the moment.

In any case, here is a feature that should be talked about, for good and bad, in terms of the e-reputation of a person or a company… And we can only ask ourselves the question of the possibilities of spamming around this system…

Example of extended “About this result” display. Source: Google

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