Google Maps now shows where you can breathe clean air

― Smileus /

Google Maps is currently the most widely used navigation application in the world. Each year, it brings new features that make it even more useful and attractive for users. Now it allows you to check the air quality in your area.

Created in collaboration with US government agencies and the PulpeAir network, this feature is currently only available in the US. Thanks to this novelty, users will be able to easily find places with clean air for their outdoor outings, their next hike or even for a simple bike ride.

The new feature provides information about conditions in a region using data from sources like the Environmental Protection Agency and PurpleAir, which has a network of sensors to measure particles using laser particle counters.

How it works ? The user can add an air quality layer to their map by pressing the “air quality” button, which is placed in the upper right corner of their screen. It thus obtains information such as the air quality index (AQI), outdoor activities, and others.

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