Google Password Manager finally gets a shortcut on Android

Good news, Android smartphone and tablet users can now place a shortcut to Google Password Manager right on their device’s home screen.

google password manager
Credits: Google

After improving accessibility on Android with several welcome new features and making file sharing easier, Google has just announced the arrival of a very useful shortcut. Indeed, Android smartphone and tablet users can now place a shortcut to Google Password Manager directly on their device’s home screen.

As you may know, Google Password Manager is able to generate unique passwords for each of your accounts, verify their integrity and store them for you. A particularly practical service, especially since it is recommended to adopt the following reflex: one password per account, for more security.

Nevertheless, it was difficult to access the service easily on Android. Until then, the easiest method was to go through Google Assistant or directly from the settings of your Android device, from the Privacy tab.

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Finally a shortcut to Google Password Manager on Android

However, since an update to Google Play Services, there is now a much easier way to access Google’s password manager on Android. First, make sure theGoogle Play services are up to date on your phone (you must have version 22.18 or newer). Then follow the following procedure:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android smartphone or tablet
  2. Now go to the tab Private life
  3. Click on Advanced options (which includes some options like Autofill Google History, etc.)
  4. Direction Google AutoComplete < Passwords
  5. Once in the Password Manager menu, click on the gear located at the top right
  6. Scroll down the screen to discover the option “Add Shortcut to your Home Screen” or Add a shortcut to your home screen (the option has not yet been translated into French in the menu)
  7. There you go, you should be able to access Google Password Manager right from your home screen

In this way, you avoid having to perform all these manipulations to access the Google service.

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