he discovers a tropical animal while unpacking his shopping

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– Published on June 17, 2022 at 15:35

A British citizen had a big surprise while unpacking his groceries. He has indeed discovered an exotic animal stuck in the packaging of his bananas.

Shopping is a mundane daily task. The hardest part is packing up all your stuff when you get home. Recently, however, a British citizen had a big surprise while unpacking his shopping bag. The facts took place a few days ago in a supermarket in south London. A customer of the store did not expect that day to have an incredible encounter. Indeed, on returning home and putting away his shopping, he discovered a small frog comfortably seated in the package of her bananas.

This is not the first time that consumers have discovered an animal hidden in their food. This batrachian is native to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This tropical frog is a Spanish tree frog (Osteopilus dominicensis). She lives in the tropical forests of the Caribbean. The latter must have remained attached to the branches of the bananas that were harvested. This batrachian therefore made a boat trip of more than 6000km to get to this supermarket in London. This exotic little animal surprisingly managed to survive the long journey.

The frog had a broken leg

This English citizen therefore called the RSPCA, an association for the protection of wildlife, so that the animal could be recovered. Philip Norman, a member of this group, confided: “The buyer was quite shocked when he unpacked the bananas at home to find the little frog inside. This little one has had quite an adventure.. However, this frog arrived injured from its long journey. She had in fact a broken leg. The exotic animal was taken in by the RSPCA. The tree frog is currently being cared for at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre. This British citizen is not likely to forget this encounter, to say the least exotic.

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