How Tesla will better estimate the range of its electric cars in real time

Tesla is working on a new feature that can analyze air density to better calculate range in real time.

Tesla Superchargers

If you’re a connoisseur of electric cars, you most likely know that it’s difficult to accurately estimate how many miles it will be possible to travel on a single charge. Indeed, if the technologies are more and more successful, giving ever more reliable information, the calculation of the autonomy is still far from being an exact science, quite the contrary.

And for good reason, many parameters directly influence the number of kilometers that it is still possible to travel before needing to recharge an electric car. The speed, the difference in altitude or the temperature and the way of driving are part of it. But other, less obvious and very often overlooked elements also have an impact, including wind and air density.

A brand new function

However, the latter are of paramount importance in the calculation of the autonomy of a connected automobile. And a manufacturer has well and truly understood this. This is Tesla, which is currently working on a new feature that will soon be launched on all models in its range, probably in the coming months, but which should first be available only in the Chinese market. .

There’s now going to be a different rear screen option for the S/X refresh possibly just different assemblies with different touchscreen controllers codenamed AquaDuck and GreenVulture 😉 )

Model3 gets a new trunk liftgate vendor (Huade)

— green (@greentheonly) March 16, 2022

Discovered by the hacker GreenTheOnly – very active on Tesla -, relayed by our colleagues from Electrek, this new function would be integrated into the software update 2022.8.2. According to information from the person concerned, the latter would then make it possible to calculate the remaining autonomy more efficiently, and this in real time. A real innovation, which should make it easier for owners to travel and allow them to better anticipate charging.

New settings

Concretely, this update will allow the car to use its sensors in order to take into account new parameters in the calculation of the number of kilometers that can still be covered. According to him, the route planning system ” will take into account cross and head winds, air density as well as humidity when available (probably first in China) “.

If at first sight, these parameters only have a limited impact on the energy consumption and therefore on the autonomy of an electric vehicle, they can nevertheless vary the latter by a few kilometres. This update would make it easier to know when to stop to recharge during long journeys.

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