In Australia, he fends off a crocodile with a frying pan

ANIMALS – A controlled situation in the “stove”. Kai Hansen is an Australian restaurateur who lives on Goat Island, in the north of the country. He is installed there with his pet crocodile, Casey. But when another crocodile wanted to attack him, the man pushed him back with two pan blows on the muzzle, as you can see in the video at the top of the article.

Kai Hansen’s pet is a real attraction for visitors. When the latter are installed on the terrace of the restaurant, they have plenty of time to observe the reptile, located below.

Except that a second wild crocodile, named Fred, has entered the island bordered by the Adelaide River. The two and a half meter animal got too close to the restaurant, so much so that the situation could present a danger to tourists. Neither one nor two, the one who is also nicknamed “King Kai” took things in hand to try to ward off the beast. Using a simple frying pan, he managed to send the crocodile back into the river as it charged at him with its mouth wide open.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a daily occurrence, but I have to stay safe and do what I can,” the restaurant owner told the Daily Mail Australia. “No one was hurt and the crocodile got a good lesson,” he continued. A heroic action that impressed Internet users on social networks.

The restaurateur has already had a mishap with a nearby crocodile. In 2018, it was his pet dog who was devoured by a predator nearly three meters tall.

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