iOS 16 seems to improve Google’s Chromecast integration in AirPlay

Apple has always made a point of giving primacy and priority to its services within iOS. These are more accessible and more integrated into the system and their use in a natural and direct way.

One of these integrations comes with AirPlay and video and audio projection on Apple devices. It now receives a novelty with iOS 16, which paves the way for integration with Google’s Chromecast, although in a very discreet way.

Apple iOS 16 Chromecast AirPlay

Despite the priority given to its services and protocols, Apple is opening up its ecosystem a little to competitors. Often quietly, it allows other integrations to take place, with benefits for users.

Proof of this is now with iOS 16, released last Monday. The first test versions of this new proposal from Google, still dedicated to programmers, reveal that there are changes in the use of this Chromecast integration.

Currently, Chromecast is compatible with iOS, but only in specific applications and usually with an interface that is not native to the operating system. This may change in iOS 16, as Apple has now released “DeviceDiscoveryExtension”, a new tool for apps to expand their native menus, like those used for AirPlay.

This new feature should allow Chromecast to have a better and more native integration with iOS from iOS 16. It should be noted that Chromecast would not become a native part of iOS, but would benefit from better support for native menus , with which AirPlay uses .

This new feature ensures a better experience for anyone who wants to use AirPlay in apps that already support Chromecast and would make it easier to support Chromecast in more apps. The result of this change would be a single button for transmission, instead of having two or three, or even menus within menus.

This is great news for iOS users and developers. This new feature will facilitate and improve the presence of Chromecast throughout the Apple system and improve the user experience. It remains to be seen how and when it will be available.

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