Klopp (Liverpool) after the FA Cup title: “Mané’s penalty is 50% my fault”

If some consider the penalty shootout to be a lottery, Jürgen Klopp had another explanation for his new success: “We work with a box – four guys, their name is Neuro11 – I contacted them two years ago I think. One of them is a neuroscientist, a German, and he told us: ”We can train you on penalties.” I answered them: ”Really ? I’m interested.” They came, we worked together and this trophy is theirs too, just like the Carabao Cup. »

“He knows you perfectly”

This mental work, however, did not prevent Sadio Mané from missing a decisive first penalty after César Azpilicueta missed the Blues side. The Senegalese lost his duel against his compatriot from Chelsea, Edouard Mendy, and Jürgen Klopp thinks he has some responsibility for this failure.

“Sadio’s penalty is at least 50% my fault because you have to let the boys do what they want to do, but with Sadio I said to him: “He knows you perfectly, the keeper, so do the exact opposite of what you’re going to do,” said the German. How many times in my life have I realized that sometimes it’s better to shut up! Well, finally we got out of it and this trophy means a lot to us. » If the Premier League now seems out of reach, the Reds will have the opportunity to win a new one on May 28 against Real Madrid in the Champions League final.


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