Manchester United: Ten Hag is clearly not coming for a holiday…

Appointed manager of Manchester United for next season, Erik ten Hag will not hesitate to impose his ideas. Whether it’s Cristiano Ronaldo or another star in the squad, the Dutchman will not give any pass.

Manchester United: Ten Hag is clearly not coming for a holiday...

Ten Hag, future Manchester United manager.

It’s now official, Erik ten Hag will be Manchester United’s next manager. After five great seasons with Ajax, the Dutch manager was justly rewarded by joining one of the biggest clubs in the world. Despite this change in status, the principal concerned will not renounce his principles.

Star or not, it’s the same for Ten Hag

While a rumor evoked a possible departure of Cristiano Ronaldo a few days before his arrival, the Batavian did not want to dwell on this subject. On the other hand, he has made it clear that he will not lower his eyes to the stars of his future team. Grer Ronaldo and the other stars? I think I can, but I’ll be myself warned the technician in the Dutch daily Trouw .

Aware that the current group needs an electroshock to get back on track, Ten Hag decided, in a natural way, to be frank by assuring that he will not tolerate any deviation in behavior, on or off the field. . I will not change my view. I’ll tell them what to do and anyone who doesn’t complete those tasks will hear from me, no matter who it is. continued the determined 52-year-old man.

Ten Hag has guarantees

Sure of himself, Ten Hag was also confident when responding favorably to this new position. He claims to have accepted this exciting challenge by finding total agreement at all levels. I make my requests before arriving at a club. And if the club does not respect them, I do not accept the position recalled the one who notably spent two years at the head of the Bayern Munich reserve.

It is also counting on strong management to succeed. I am the one who will be held accountable, the one who will be judged on results. I don’t want to be a boss, I will work as a team. But having a say in transfers is a condition for me , finished the future coach of the Red Devils, who could have an envelope of 200 M € this summer. The supporters can’t wait to be there!

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