“Marseillais for life”, Payet puts an end to the rumors of departure!

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Marseille supporters can be reassured, the rumor should remain only one! Indeed, Dimitri Payet, announced in the sights of the Tigers in recent hours, took the floor on Instagram to indicate that he does not consider for a single second leaving OM, he who is “Marseillais for life”.

Payet’s strong message!

“Every morning when I wake up, I leave my room, I pass in front of this frame and even if sometimes there is pain on the right, on the left, fatigue and morale not at the top, when I see this framework, it gives me the strength to fight every day to continue to be better and I tell myself that I made the best choice of my career by signing for life in this club, in my club. So one last time, for those who have not understood correctly or for those who still doubt it: I am “Marseillais Ă  Vie”. I would play here until my last strength, I would finish my career in this club because I love this club and I feel at home here. And what I experience here, I wouldn’t find anywhere else. Go to OM.

to summarize

While rumors reported an interest from the Tigers for Dimitri Payet, the latter sealed his future! The French international, who considers himself “Marseillais for life”, has expressed his desire to end his career at OM.

Nathan Bricout

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