Massive reminder at LIDL: do not consume these foods potentially dangerous to health, they are “breadsticks”

The retail sector is once again affected by a food product recall. In question this time, the Lidl company. The baguettes in question are a “rustic cereal” version which were sold between Tuesday May 3 and Friday May 13 throughout France.

Be careful if you have done your shopping at Lidl recently, as a precaution the brand is launching a recall on a whole series of baguettes sold in self-service at Lidl, the action concerns the entire French territory due to the potential presence of foreign bodies. The article concerned is the “rustic cereal baguette”. It weighs 250g and is sold in stores, under white label (that is to say, without brand). They were sold between Tuesday, May 3 at the opening of the signs and until Friday May 13, 2022.

Massive recall at Lidl
Source: Twitter screenshot

A reminder card has also been published on the dedicated government site, which you can find here: If you have purchased a baguette from one of the batches in question, it is obviously strongly recommended not to consume them, and also to try to bring them back to the store to get a refund.

Here is the detail of the recalled product:

Packaging: baguette cooked on site of 250g on sale in self-service
Release date: May 03, 2022
End of marketing date: May 13, 2022
Product barcode: 4056489495017

The entire French territory is concerned by this significant risk of ingestion of pieces of metal which could have been inadvertently incorporated into these food items. In the reminder sheet published by the government services, it is notably indicated that there is a “risk of the presence of a metallic foreign body”. as quickly as possible, so that the brand can manage its storage without risk.

“Due to the risk of injury and adverse effects following ingestion of this product, as a precaution it is strongly recommended that people who hold products belonging to the batches listed above not to consume them, and ideally to return them to the brand in which the product had been purchased »
Moreover, Lidl specifies that all lots with the GTIN reference 4056489495017 are affected by the situation, and therefore deserve your attention.

An expected refund:

The brand has provided for a refund of the items concerned, and a telephone number is available for consumers for any questions regarding the situation. This is 0800.900.343 Do not hesitate to contact them If in doubt.

This is already the third contamination of industrial food products in recent weeks, if we take into account the subjects concerning certain Kinder products (Ferrero Group) and pizzas from certain Buitoni ranges (Nestlé Group), in particular “Fraîch’Up”, “Bella Napoli” and more recently “Stone oven”.
It is therefore time for vigilance, even if the fact that these contaminations come out very quickly, remains rather reassuring, in particular on the fact that the health control services are rather efficient and demonstrate a relatively efficient reactivity.

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