Mercato: Arsenal have made a decision for Saliba

This Friday, the newspaper La Provence indicates that Arsenal has made its choice and intends to give William Saliba a chance next season, which would reduce the hopes of Olympique de Marseille to keep the central defender at the end of his loan.

Mercato: Arsenal took a d

Will Saliba finally get his chance at Arsenal?

We hope to retain a player like him, who now knows the club and the environment. In addition, it has a trajectory similar to that of our desires.

Present at a press conference on Thursday, Olympique de Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli sent a clear message to central defender William Saliba (21), author of an excellent first season at La Canebire.

Arsenal has decided

Loan without a purchase option, the French no-international must in theory return to Arsenal at the end of the season. If no official of the London club has yet publicly communicated the Gunners’ position on Saliba, the newspaper La Provence said on Friday that the English have made their decision and that they are counting on the Habs next season. Since his arrival in the summer of 2020, the native of Bondy has never had a chance at the Emirates Stadium, but his very successful season at OM necessarily changes the situation and makes him a serious candidate to integrate the workforce available to Mikel Arteta.

Is all hope lost for the Marseille club? Quoting people close to the case, the regional daily nuance and indicates that the final decision has not yet been taken by the London formation and therefore that a reversal is not completely excluded. Still, even if the door were to open, the task still looks difficult for OM, which will have to face tough competition. Curies such as Atletico Madrid and Naples are indeed also announced in the ranks for a permanent transfer.

Saliba does not want to offend anyone

For his part, Saliba remains vague about his intentions and refuses to take a clear position about his future, in the hands of Arsenal, where his contract runs until June 2024. Of course I’m happy here, I’ve never hidden it. I’ve always said it: if I have to come back here, it’s with great pleasure. But afterwards, I can’t comment on my future because we don’t know. It’s not just up to me, repeated the former Stphanois last week at a press conference. A qualification in the Champions League for OM, 2nd in Ligue 1, and not for Arsenal, tottering 4th in the Premier League, would it be likely to change the situation? Nothing is less certain…

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