Nature notebook: welcoming house swallows at home

It is possible to act in favor of the swallows by offering them food and shelter. Here are some tips on how to best welcome them into your home.

House swallows build their nest with mud which they mix with their saliva. So be sure to maintain a muddy puddle near your home.

It is also possible to install artificial nests (built like natural nests) that can be colonized or that will lead birds to build other nests next to them. Place the nests well under roofs or window edges to protect them from bad weather and predators, at a minimum height of 4 m and facing south-east.

In order to prevent droppings from soiling the facade, it may be useful to fix a wooden plank under the nest who will receive the droppings.

Finally, to help these insectivorous birds, the ideal is to create in the garden areas dedicated to wild nature, to develop water points (small ponds, etc.), and to promote honey flowers from our region (native).

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