Nature. The goose and the goose have made their nest in Alsace

In the seven families game, geese have two natural representatives in Alsace, the harvest goose and the greylag goose. We must now add two distant cousins, the Canada goose and the Egyptian goose. Arrived by the Rhine and Moselle basins from Germany and Benelux, they have imposed themselves in the Alsatian Rhine basin and gravel pits since the 2000s, until nesting and becoming unbreakable today.

“In 2000, there were four to fourteen breeding pairs of geese, in 2011 there were around thirty and 300 to 400 individuals. For the goose, the population in 2014 was estimated at between 450 and 600 birds, including 80 to 120 breeding pairs,” reports Christophe Hervé, director of the Alsace Bird Protection League.

Common point, these two anatidae come from birds of park or enclosure which escaped then made stock in…

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