Newborn Sphynx Rejected By Mother, Finds Comfort With Mother Cat At Shelter

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When a kitten is abandoned by its mother, its chances of survival are slim. This time around, little Sphynx Cleopatra was lucky enough to be adopted by a tender and loving alley cat.

In March 2022, a desperate man drove to the Helen Woodward Animal Center of Rancho Santa Fein the state of California to the United States, an adorable Sphynx kitten. Her brothers and sisters being stillborn, her mother had rejected her.

Shelter members began feeding the named kitten Cleopatra bottle so that she regains her strength. However, a mother’s love was essential to her proper development.

Illustration of the article: A newborn Sphynx born rejected by its mother, finds comfort with a mother cat at the shelter
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maternal instinct

Six days later, Ballerina, an adorable European-type cat, arrived from a partner shelter. After three days at the center, she gave birth to three gray and white kittens. The members of the shelter therefore presented Cleopatra to Ballerinawho immediately adopted her.

According to the staff of Helen Woodward Animal Centerthis mother “extremely affectionate” welcomed Cleopatra as the fourth member of its litter, without making any differences. In a few minutes, Ballerina took care of the little orphan by letting her breastfeed and giving her the tenderness she needed.

From now on, this extraordinary family is inseparable. Erin Schmitthead of the animal center’s foster program, told People: “Animals are amazing. It’s as if Ballerina had sensed a need in Cleopatra and had decided not only to feed her, but also to give her all the love she lacked.”.

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The five cats, Ballerina, Cleopatra as well as his brothers and sisters bean, Biscuit and bunny will soon be available for adoption. Cleopatra will nevertheless have to stay a few more days at the refuge in order to pass some additional health checks.

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