reach one million km with a Tesla Model 3 taxi

Who is hiding behind the Carladez taxi?

After working for 10 years in a driving school, this business manager in Aveyron ended up opting for a Tesla Model 3. From his first test drive of an electric car (EV), he was convinced that the EV was perfect for everyday use. Now at the head of a fleet of 2 vehicles, he plans to invest in a standard Tesla Model 3 after choosing a black 12-inch long-range Model 3.

His goal ? Highlight the fact that the electric is also for big wheelers, thanks to its taxi business.

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He had the idea of ​​using an EV as a taxi because keeping a thermal fleet was nonsense for him. Today, he does not see himself functioning any other way, if only financially.

He explained to us that any novelty required pioneers and that electric mobility needed some to get started to experience the development we are seeing today. This entrepreneur is currently the only taxi driver in Aveyron to use an EV.

It was during a breakdown in one of his thermal cars that he started on a thoughtful whim, one might say. Indeed, it was necessary to take the plunge but the choice was made. A future Tesla is also planned. Before deciding, he met another taxi driver with an EV, a Tesla Model S this time.

We are on a forecast of 120,000 km / year, the million sells the dream for a taxi company. In reality, we do not yet necessarily know what it will give in terms of the engines because the batteries are very reliable. Elon Musk had mentioned the possibility of driving 1 million miles, but it is more powerful to say 1 million than 1.6, which would however be more exact!

The idea is quite simply to exploit the car to the maximum, and to communicate on Instagram or Facebook forums as he goes along, as he has started to do recently. Currently, this contractor is already at 10,000 km / month, which is huge. So over 8 years, it’s largely doable!

On his networks, he shares his daily life, the weather and above all, he desecrates electric driving. To follow it, it’s very simple, just click here.

Why is this Tesla model so suitable and what can be its drawbacks?

For this EV enthusiast, it was obvious from everything he had watched. It was all in all the choice of reason: a car that is both so simple and so powerful, which allows him to cross the terrain specific to his region with agility. It must be recognized that it is particularly versatile.

The Tesla Model 3 therefore represents the best compromise. He doesn’t even look at other cars anymore because it represents for him the ideal in terms of work tool (autonomy, design, interface, etc.). To give a counter-example, the Model S would be more focused on the pleasure side, it is not intended for taxis but good for driving on the highway.

On the other hand, to say that the Tesla Model 3 does not support fast charging or cannot drive more than 200 km as we can hear is simply false.

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If taxis become aware of this and start using electric mobility, it will boost EV manufacturers even more. Especially since the only possible disadvantage in the eyes of our entrepreneur is the desire to go on autopilot. The consequence ? Inconsistent phantom braking which, in addition to being brutal, frightens customers.

So, it seems obvious that basic autopilot handling of the car is still too uncertain, but perhaps the situation is different for Tesla Model 3 owners with other features. Still, it’s not supposed to be dangerous since you remain in control of your vehicle, and the other drivers too.

Indeed, the autopilot is deactivated as soon as you brake, hence the importance of respecting braking distances and not being led by the nose by the power of the Tesla. Cars are what they are, what matters is above all the drivers behind the wheel, especially since Musk is very far from autonomous driving in France (in the United States, the roads are much more in straight lines).

What about “Tesla bashing”?

His words could have discouraged him. He shared his stress of the power outage, that is to say the fact of finding himself without a charging station when you are reaching the end of your autonomy… Indeed, these are the kind of annoying situations that he added that the electrical network in France dated from Methuselah.

And yet, our contractor did not encounter any problems at this level. We will go even further: by dint of communicating on the subject with his colleagues to show them that it is possible, he realizes that they are all very interested. Especially since when it comes to fleets of 10 to 15 cars, the impact on the environment is much higher.

To come more concretely to “Tesla bashing”, that is to say the often untimely and unfounded criticism of the brand, he believes that Tesla bothers because it scares classic car makers. Thus, the company offers something similar in principle but completely different in design. In addition, governments highlight this new mobility, which is an additional advantage.

In fact, we can compare the transition from thermal to electric in the automobile industry to the transition from film to digital cameras.

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Current charging networks: what can we blame them for daily use?

This business manager tries to test everything before passing judgment and, unsurprisingly, it is the ChargeMap application that allows him to easily find charging stations on his route. For example, IZIVIA, the EDF network, is a bit of a gas plant unless you have a card, which is good to know.

Conversely, the network of Superchargers is easy to use, in addition to being well established, even if the terminals are too far away in cities like Toulouse. Charging points exist in town, such as Allego, which he found expensive (55 cents per kilowatt) and whose first test was complicated. The Révéo network, developed in Occitania, has the merit of existing in all medium-sized towns even if there are not a lot of charging points.

For him, what people need to understand is that charging stations are not parking spaces, it is a matter of topping up when needed but it is not a suitable charging solution, unlike home terminals.

To make a comparison, it’s like going to recharge your laptop at the station or at the airport, rather than doing it at home.

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To sum up, there is what it takes but the installers will have to go all out because with the increase in EVs on the roads (Model 3, Zoé, etc.), it will become complicated…

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