Jean-Michel Aulas after OL’s victory against Bordeaux: “Football is great”

Jean-Michel Aulas, president of Olympique Lyonnais, after OL’s big victory against Bordeaux (6-1): “Football has this magic of transforming an ambient sadness into enthusiasm. The disappointment was great after West Ham. The facts of the game were linked that evening. There were gestures of humor and the temptation to transform into violence what was a … Read more

David Guion (Bordeaux): “A collective sinking” against OL

David Guion, Bordeaux coach, beaten by OL (6-1): ” It’s incomprehensible. I did not expect such a game. I didn’t think you could go that low. I wonder about these individual weaknesses and this lack of questioning. We have to react immediately and we put extra pressure on ourselves for the end of the season. … Read more