Tesla would have preferred Germany to France to create its European factory more quickly

Tesla chose in the fall of 2019 to create a European factory in Germany, near Berlin, but it was not the only country in the running. There was also talk of Spain, the Netherlands and also France to install the new “Gigafactory”, the name given by the car manufacturer to its factories. The Express returned … Read more

Discovering the Tesla API, to control and monitor your car remotely

Tesla has long been the only manufacturer to install a huge touch screen in its cars. Historical competition ended up gradually joining it and even overtaking it in a few cases, like the Mercedes Hyperscreen which combines three screens behind a huge slab of glass. If there is one point that still distinguishes the American … Read more

Six months in Tesla: our series for Club iGen is now complete 🆕

It’s been over six months since I picked up the (virtual) keys to my new car, a Tesla Model 3 SR+. After years of writing about this all-electric manufacturer, I now have the chance to drive its most popular model. After many thousands of miles, hundreds of daily commutes, and a few long drives, I … Read more

Tesla cars can add steps to Ionity terminals

The latest version of Tesla in-vehicle software brings a long-awaited new feature for drivers: the ability to set waypoints in the vehicle’s scheduler. Until then, you could only calculate a route to a single destination at a time, even if the car could cut the route into several sections between two charging stations if necessary. … Read more

Tesla releases a big update for Christmas 🆕

Updated on 24/12/2021 : for once, Elon Musk kept his word! The holiday update has been distributed since early this morning and from the accounts, everyone is entitled to it, including me. It really is Christmas! 🎄🍾 (Context: https://t.co/4MWmUvmJST) pic.twitter.com/rW9jQdjCjk — Nicolas (@nicolasfurno) December 24, 2021 Once the installation is complete, a largely reworked interface … Read more

The manufacturer Tesla puts its wheels for the first time in Normandy by opening in Caen

This article is for subscribers only Register for free and enjoy 14 days of unlimited access to all our articles! I’m registering Posted on 04/18/2022 at 16:37 The first Norman branch of Tesla opened in Caen on Friday April 15, 2022. The Californian manufacturer of electric cars, which is deployed there over 1,500 m2, is … Read more