eating shellfish would be carcinogenic!

Hinatea Chatal Yesterday 6 mins Eating a lot of shellfish in Polynesia increases the risk of getting cancer according to scientists. Either it’s about natural radioactivity (present in nature and in particular in certain marine products) or artificial (in connection with nuclear testing), IRSN, based in Vairao on the Tahiti peninsula, is responsible for monitor … Read more

Protected turtles killed by stray dogs in Guyana: an association is alarmed

Published on : 07/01/2022 – 17:06 Since the end of May, thirteen sea turtles have been found dead on a beach where they had come to lay eggs, in the town of Rémire-Montjoly, in French Guiana. They were killed by dogs not watched by their masters. A local association is concerned about the impact of … Read more

Eating exotic and out-of-season fruits and vegetables is killing the planet

Cherries, illustration. – pxhere/CC Cherries, illustration. – pxhere/CC June 22, 2022 at 4:12 p.m., Reading time: 1 minute Transport Transporting food from its place of production to our plates generates at least three times more greenhouse gas emissions than previously estimated. This is the finding of a study published by nature food relayed Monday, June … Read more

On the beach, be careful not to crush bird nests

FAUNA – Paying attention to the ground you walk on, at the beach, could save whole broods of birds. Several species, including the Kentish Plover in particular, reproduce in sandy environments, therefore especially on the beaches, from April until the end of July, in particular on the Atlantic coast, the English Channel and the North … Read more

behind the stoves of afrovegan cuisine

Paris, report In Paris, the restaurant L’embuscade has become one of the ambassadors of Afroveganism. Below the Pigalle district, this Cape Verdean rum distillery, which has been open for twenty-four years, has been offering vegetable cuisine concocted by the Anglo-Nigerian chef Phoebe Dunn for more than two years. “ Cooking is always political. Gastronomy touches … Read more

Birds in organic fields are doing better than those in pesticide fields

This is an unpublished study. It shows, from the observation of birds in the wild, that those who live near organic farming fields are in better health than those living in conventional farming landscapes. The article, titled Organic farming has a positive effect on the vitality of passerines in agricultural landscapeswas published at the end … Read more