former international Tony Vairelles sentenced to 5 years in prison, 2 of which are suspended for violence with a weapon

The former Blue was convicted of violence with a weapon committed ten years earlier when leaving a nightclub. Return through the prison box. The former striker of the French football team, Tony Vairelles, was sentenced on Monday to 5 years in prison, including 2 suspended sentences, by the Nancy court for violence with a weapon … Read more

Russian teams banned from European Cups next year

UEFA decided to strike hard against Russia. This Monday, the European Football Confederation announced several measures against its selections and its clubs. First of all, no Russian team will participate in the European Cups next season. This sanction includes the Champions League, the Europa League, the Europa League Conference but also the Women’s Champions League … Read more

Frankfurt wins at West Ham, Leipzig tears away against Rangers in the semi-finals of the Europa League

Frankfurt advance to the final Frankfurt are hungry this season in the Europa League. And he travels very well in Europe. The Germans had devoured Barça in the quarters: they led 3-0 at Camp Nou before taking two goals in added time on the return (3-2). This Thursday, they crunched West Ham in the openings … Read more