Appellation: plant products can no longer bear the name of foods of animal origin

A true substitute for meat, vegetable protein products will undergo a change from October 1, 2022. Indeed, foods that do not contain meat can no longer be called “steak” or “sausage”. On October 1, foods made from vegetable proteins will no longer be able to use the designation “sausage”, “bacon” or even “steak”. A name … Read more

Saint-Paul: young people steal a trolley filled with bottles of alcohol in a supermarket, hundreds of euros lost

It is a surreal scene that took place in the Leader Price du Guillaume, in Saint Paul, on Tuesday June 14th. Two young individuals stole a trolley filled with foodstuffs but especially bottles of alcohol. The store manager talks about the facts. The scene is unlikely. A trolley filled with alcohol and food was stolen … Read more

Young people physically attack him in St-Denis and unleash their dogs on him: “They were going to tear off my leg”

Last Friday evening, Thierry* took some fresh air in rue de Lorraine in St-Denis. He is physically attacked by several young people. When he tries to run away, they unleash their dogs on him. Thierry* was injured in his legs and filed a complaint with the police. They attack him and unleash their dogs on … Read more

Animal wandering: “I lost nearly €25,000, but it touches the heart more than the wallet”, explains Serge, a breeder

New attack of stray dogs in Reunion, horses were killed in the heights of Sainte-Rose. Farms are regularly the target of these attacks. 4 years ago, there were an estimated 73,000 stray dogs in public spaces in Reunion. A dog attack is once again in the news. Serge’s horses, breeders in the heights of Sainte-Rose, … Read more

Saint-Paul: he poisons his neighbor’s animals with rat poison and threatens her

For more than a year, Lalita has been going through a real ordeal. 4 of his cats and his 7 month old dog were poisoned by his neighbor with rat poison. He criticizes the young woman for letting her animals come to his yard and threatens her by message. Lalita filed two complaints with the … Read more

Dogs decimate his breeding and then attack him in St-Pierre: “Fortunately it was not my child in my place”

Matis is a breeder in the Ravine des Cabris. This weekend, his breeding was attacked by dogs. They kill more than forty animals: ducks, hens, guinea pigs and roosters. Upon arrival, he was also attacked by one of these dogs. The breeder will file a complaint during the day of this Monday, May 30. Another … Read more

A wild cat kills fawns in a farm in Saint-André: only a small miracle remains

Two fawns were massacred in a farm in Saint-André, their paws devoured by a wild cat. In the litter of newborns, there is only one little survivor left. The only survivor of the litter, the miraculous little fawn must be isolated so as not to be attacked. It was this morning that Jean Daniel Vee … Read more

a “highly questionable” installation in Bissen

A change of strategy of Google, supposed to settle in Bissen, was mentioned. But concerns about water and electricity consumption at the gigantic data center remain. The intervention of the Minister of Economy Franz Fayot in the Chamber of Deputies, Wednesday May 4, about the installation of a Google data center in Bissen, during which … Read more