Tesla raises Model 3 and Model Y prices again

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Price increases follow each other at a breakneck pace at Tesla. The Model 3 still takes up to €2,500.

A few hours after reviewing its prices in the United States, Tesla did the same in France. If in the past, the American brand could surprise us by lowering its prices, there is still talk of an increase.

One more, yes! The increases are linked in 2022, due in particular to the surge in the prices of raw materials and electronic components. The three versions of the Model 3 become even more expensive.

The “basic” version goes from €50,990 to €53,490, i.e. an additional €2,500. Same increase for the Grande Autonomie, which goes from 59,990 to 62,490 €. As a result, it no longer benefits from an ecological bonus. Finally, the Performance takes €1,500, climbing from €64,990 to €66,490.

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The entry ticket for the Model 3 therefore flew away in less than six months. In January, the car still started at €43,800. That is €9,690 more between January and June. And it’s even more if we take into account the ecological bonus. The Model 3 had €6,000 in aid, ideally placed below the €45,000 mark. The bonus is now only €2,000. That is an extension for the French customer of €13,690! And that’s not all, the bonus will also be reduced by €1,000 from July…

The Model Y, the SUV version of the Model 3, is not spared. The Large Autonomy version took €2,000, being now displayed at €64,990. For the Performance, it’s downright €3,000 more. It went from 66,990 to 69,990 €.

Model 3 and Model Y prices

Old price Price as of June 17, 2022 Bonuses
Model 3 €50,990 €53,490 €2,000*
Model 3 Long Autonomy €59,990 €62,490 0 €
Model 3 Performance €64,990 €66,490 0 €
Model Y Long Autonomy €62,990 €64,990 0 €
Model Y Performance €66,990 €69,990 0 €

* €1,000 for orders from July 1, 2022

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