the DNCG will deliver its verdicts

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It is a compulsory test that makes the bosses of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs shudder. One by one, the teams parade in front of the National Management Control Department (DNCG), the financial policeman of French football. The objective is to be able to ensure, or not, the ability of a team to go to the end of the season financially, and to check whether the various rules put in place (on payrolls, debts, etc.) are respected by the clubs. And today, it is the turn of three historic French clubs to take the exam.

A demotion for Bordeaux?

First of all, Olympique de Marseille, which had seen its payroll supervised last year, received a reprieve at the end of May pending “additional information requested from the club”. According to information from Provence, optimism reigns within the Marseille club, as was the case last year, to finally receive a bad surprise. At the same time, ASSE and Girondins de Bordeaux, relegated to Ligue 2, also passed the exam. At the Greens, not really worry, the club presenting finances in the “green” for several years. Concern is however present among the people of Bordeaux. As revealed South West, the Girondins could at best receive a framework for the wage bill and transfer allowances, at worst find themselves demoted to National 1 as a precaution, the time to present new reassuring elements. Enough to promise a lively day in Gironde.

to summarize

It is the turn of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Olympique de Marseille (OM) and ASSE to present themselves against the DNCG, the financial policeman of French football. The Girondins risk a demotion as a precaution.

Antoine Chirat

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