When an MMA trainer fights with a kangaroo

Spiders, deadly jellyfish… in Australia, it is not uncommon to encounter animals that are as dangerous as possible. Today we learn thatan MMA trainer fought with a kangaroo…

It was a crazy six foot kangaroo trying to attack my little dogss”

Former MMA Coach, Cliff Des found itself in the heart of the news a few hours ago. The man made the buzz with a video where we see him fighting with a kangaroo. In words transcribed by MMA Newshe said on Australian television:

It was a crazy six foot kangaroo trying to attack my little dogs. I approached about thirty meters to try to chase him away, but he wouldn’t go away. I fell near a stick, and after three blows of the stick, he broke it like a carrot. I thought : ” this is serious, he could hurt me if I don’t fight then I put him down. He tried to attack my face. I lowered my head and he cut the top of my head. He bit my finger. Then he stabbed my leg with his rear claw, about a centimeter and a half, and tore my pants up to the cuff. »

No way for Cliff to blame the animal for all that: ” We built our roads on theirs. It is a magnificent animal. What I take away from this whole scenario is that you should not approach them. »

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